Build Your SMS Client List

Do you agree with these statements?

  • People just want to ask a quick question and not be put on hold.
  • You can save a ton of time by using the right tools to better serve customers.
  • Keeping a customer happy with a pleasant experience, will make him a lifetime customer.

Introducing the most amazing trust building tool for the seller.

Let’s dive into details of how this system works:

We provide you with a phone number in any area code you want. You post that number on your website and/or marketing materials, so people can text and call you. If they call – it redirects to your existing phone number. This system has been integrated with your email, so when they text you get that text inside your email client as just another email item. No new software to learn – this is very easy and effective.

This software works with any email – gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc…

You can reply to these SMS messages when you have time and from anywhere you are, since you can respond via your smart phone or a computer. Receive orders, answer questions and close sales without picking up the phone, do customer support – the sky is the limit.

After awhile you going to have a huge list of people that have been interacting via this number, since all those numbers have gone inside a special list – Your Own SMS List – to which you can now send mass SMS messages.

Do you want to hold a sale and move more products in one day then you did your whole week? Need to make an announcement? Raising funds? Need to find  a new property or sell one? Emergency or disaster and you want to notify your clients of something very important? Your SMS list is much more powerful then email list, since you have 100% of their attention the moment you send the text.

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