On-Hold Messages

This is a service that is often ignored, but can have a huge impact on your business – hold message on your phone.

Custom hold messages have been around for a very long time. However, they are often done poorly, if at all, and are not designed to sell additional products or services. Through custom hold sales messages, local businesses can present an additional call to action to their clients at a time when they never thought about it before.

What’s even worse and actually scary is that many local businesses use their local radio station as their hold music. This invites a competitor’s radio advertisement to be presented, and if they are not paying licensing fees for each song payed (multiplied by the number of phone lines available) they could be faced with business crippling fines.

A great on hold sales message can allow you to up sell, add on, and cross promote your products or services to your new and existing customers by taking advantage of time that is not used to its fullest. More importantly, it allows you to create a unified sales image that is industry leading.

Did you know that over 94% of marketing budgets are spent trying to get the phone to ring, while only 6% is spent on handling received calls? What may surprise you is that 60% of those callers which are placed on hold with hang up within 45 seconds or less if they hear dead air or music that they dislike.

A recent US West Communications survey found that a hold message program will increase caller retention by 40%, increase inquiries by 15% and increase direct request for products and services mentioned by 12%.

Custom sales hold messages work because they target a very specific demographic, a group of people who are already very interested in your products and services. Who are these people? Your existing customers! Your callers may have worked with you for years, or are calling you for the first time, but do they know about everything you offer? Custom sales hold messages reach your customers when they are very likely to buy from you. Silence on hold won’t promote your products, and a radio on hold could be talking about the competition!

As your callers hear about what you can do for them, they’ll ask for more information, and you’ll sell more. Whether it’s a product, a service you provide, a special or a public service, Full Solution will get you results.

Some surprising statistics on advertising on hold:

“A typical business receives as many as 100 calls a day and puts callers on hold for over 17 hours each month. A whopping 70 percent of those calls are placed on hold for an average of 90 seconds. A depressingly large 90% of callers hang up within 40 second if “on hold” means dead silence. And 34 percent of those never call back.

On-hold marketing reduces hang-ups by 77 percent because instead of silence, callers hear marketing messages. It increases telephone on-hold time as much as 230 percent. A full 88 percent of callers say they prefer an on-hold message to music or silence. Best of all, 19 percent of callers buy something when they hear a powerful marketing message while on hold.”

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